Our beer

You choose a beer from our brewery according to your mood and tastes. Apart from traditional beers we also offer non-traditional specials with aromas of the Orient. We brew first-class beer for you with a gentle cloudiness created by brewer’s yeast that is an important source of Group B vitamins and their components. We brew beer only from drinking water, malt, hops and yeast. We also brew bottom and top-fermented beers.

Our beer is available on tap and in PET bottles, always unfiltered, and we fill kegs according to customer wishes with either unfiltered or filtered beer, while 0.33l bottles are filled with filtered beer only.  

Dolnobřežanská 10

Gold Brewer's Seal 2016

Zlatý pivní pohár 2016

Dolnobřežanská 10°

An honest 10° beer of golden hue with an alcohol content of 4.2%, brewed from Czech malt and hops from the Žatec region.

A fuller flavour, medium crisp and a subtle and pleasant bitterness enticing you to another drink.

Laser beer

Laser beer

A classic Czech lager with an alcohol content of 4.8%, brewed from Czech malt with a small proportion of special malt and a combination of aromatic and bitter Czech hops.

It has a more substantial gold colour, full flavour and greater crisp that in combination with the higher aromatic bitterness enhances your enjoyment of the drink.



Infusion beer brewed from two kinds of malt, German hops and water. Alcohol content of 4.1%.

The slowest top-fermented beer using special Düsseldorf yeast. The main fermentation takes place at 14 to 18 °C. Its uniqueness is the ageing at about 1 °C for two months.

An amber-brown colour, a higher clinging bitterness, medium zest and pleasant hop aroma given by Haas Spalter hops are all typical of this brew.

Kníže Václav

Kníže Václav

Bottom fermented Munich-style semi-dark lager with an alcohol content of 5.1%, brewed with three types of barley malt and Czech hops.

Its characteristically balanced, slightly hoppy taste with a hint of bitterness is delicious not only on your taste buds, but also to your eye with its amber colour.


India Pale Ale

A special top-fermented semi-dark beer with an alcohol content of 6.1%. The brewing process uses special malt intended for this type of beer and aromatic American hops.

It is characterised by a honey colour, greater fullness, intensive hoppy bitterness and a citrus and floral aroma.



A special top-fermented semi-dark beer with an alcohol content of 5.1%. Czech malt is used for brewing the ale in combination with special malts and a combination of Czech and American hops.

It is characterised by an amber colour, is full-bodied with a citrus flavour and has a stronger pleasant bitterness.


wheat beer 

A top-fermented beer with an alcohol content of 4.6%. The brewing process uses Czech barley and wheat malt in a ratio of 1:1 and aromatic Žatec hops.

It is characterised by a cloudiness caused by brewer’s yeast, a light gold colour and a banana and clove aroma and flavour, and a strong crispy taste and a rich head. Due to its slightly acidulated refreshing flavour with a taste of fruit and spice it is especially suitable for drinking in the spring and summer seasons.



A really black special beer with an alcohol content of 5.3%, brewed from three types of malt with an addition of roasted barley and quality hops.

It is marked by a robust bitterness and the taste of roasted malt.



Saison beers are speciall top fermented beers full of character and originating from the French region of Belgium - the Wallonia region. Historically, Saison beers were brewed at the beginning of spring to be ready for consumption in the summer. These days, Belgiums' Saison beers are brewed all year round using light malts, a variety of hops from England, Germany and Belgium and in many cases finished with a variety of spices.

Our own Saison is brewed using four different kinds of malt, Tettnanger hops and is finished with ground coriander and orange peel. It is fermented at 32oC and ripened (maturation) at temperatures around 20oC for five months.


dry hopped lager

Virgil is a classic, decoction brewed, bottom fermented 12-degree beer, 4.8% abv (alcohol by volume), with predominant portion of Pilsner malt and caramel malt used as colourant. The brewing process involves three varieties of Czech hops and subsequent cold hopping or "dry hopping" with Amarillo - American hop variety. Virgil was named after Virgil Gamache Farm in Yakima Valley, Washington, where Amarillo variety was cultivated.

It has a full flavour, moderate body and thanks to the dry hopping with Amarillo variety, Virgil has a light fruity aroma and a delicate citrus touch.

beer sales 

We deliver beer in 50/30/15/10 l kegs (Flach keg head),

PET 1 l bottles


glass bottles 0,75l and 0.33 l  (packages of 4 × 0.33 l).

If you’re interested you can hire a party spigot.