Beer spa and massage

Come and relax and recharge your batteries in a beer spa. The original reconditioning spa therapy will give you a pleasant experience with a rejuvenating effect! You can connect two pleasant experiences in one with this procedure – for the body and the soul. As a supplement you can also choose from a range of relaxation or healing massages.

Why is a beer spa so good?

Brewer’s yeast and the substances contained in beer transmit a whole range of vitamins B to the skin. A favourable water temperature causes a slight and gradual increase in heart activity and the activation of blood circulation throughout the vascular system. The spa warms up the skin and frees up the pores from which harmful hypodermis substances are washed away when one sweats slightly. The brewer’s yeast and substances contained in the beer transmit a whole range of vitamins B, proteins and minerals to the skin and contribute to an overall softening and regeneration of the skin with a rejuvenating effect.

The multiple carbon dioxide bubbles contained in the water and clinging to the skin gently soothe the warmed surface of the body and enable effective relaxation in the gently bubbling spa. To increase the effect of the bath and enhance the relaxation experience you can tap our unique unfiltered and unpasteurized beer during the 20 minute bath containing a live yeast culture that has beneficial effects throughout the digestive tract. The treatment thus works both inside and outside the body.

After the bath we place you on a bed, we wrap you in sheets and microfiber blankets and a 40 minute phase for soothing the body takes place with dimmed lights and pleasant music. The warmed body completes the sweating phase, the heart rate slows down, a gradual decrease in blood pressure occurs, the muscles relax and the body’s energy is restored. The purified, rejuvenated skin receives effective beneficial substances that following the bath adhere to the skin and are gradually absorbed into the skin’s pores. The physical rest is reflected in mental rest and the relaxed body allows the mind to unwind and release a flow of positive thoughts and energy.

Relaxation and healing massage

Massage is one of the oldest healing methods. It has medical and relaxation effects, relaxes the muscles after physical exertion and has a pleasant effect on a person’s psyche.
The effects of a massage are mainly calming and relaxing, and it is therefore recommended to repeat it several times. It counteracts fatigue, enhances health and increases a person’s overall resistance.

Please consult your masseuse or masseur for detailed information about the massages that are available and suitable for your body. You can also make an appointment with them for a specific massage as part of your procedure.

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